China Natural History Museum

16 Dec

Declan is a dinosaur-geek. He knows a great deal about dinosaurs for a seven-year-old and what he does not know he’s quite willing to make up and pronounce with a great deal of gravitas. So a visit to the Natural History Museum was a natural for us, even if the extreme cold made going anywhere inside seem like a good idea.

The Museum is generally a bit tired. The exhibits are looking a bit dusty and cracked, and I wouldn’t really recommend a visit if you’re interested in a wide range of natural history. The dinosaur section was worthwhile though.  There are a couple of decent skeletons and fossils and some good explanatory text. As most of it was, naturally enough, in Chinese we didn’t get the details; but there was enough English to convey the important gist of what were seeing. By far the best bit was an exhibition of dinosaur eggs.

China has an extensive field of dinosaur eggs in the Huan province and these are important evidence about how dinosaurs lived. The placement of the eggs, the proximity of other fossils, and so on all provide evidence of the way dinosaurs looked after their offspring. I had no idea there were quite so many different types of eggs, although it turns out that while there are different shapes their basic structure is similar as they all come from the same end-of-Cretaceous period. There have been no earlier eggs found, leading to the hypothesis that earlier eggs had thinner or rubbery shells that did not fossilise.

I wouldn’t recommend the Natural History Museum if you were only in Beijing for a few days. But if you have some more time it’s very worthwhile, and it’s right beside the wonderful Temple of Heaven park which put together makes for a great outing.


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